Mike said he would take me out on the tiles…

…but you’ve probably already guessed he meant the roof.

To recap – much of the roof has been stripped, and we have begun re-slating. We’re pretty proud of the nice clean edge as you look left…

Sorry about the mess – just look at the lovely leading edge!

…but there was still quite a bit to go at this morning.

…and just a wee bit still to go.

Alex and I spent the day re-slating from the bottom edge up whilst Mike had the more exacting job of finishing the top of the tiles and then installing the apron flashing into the rebate and sealing over the top of it.

Mike fixing the lead flashing

We have had some challenging weather whilst doing this roof, but today was really fun. After about 11am we were having to remove layers so as not to overheat, and by 2pm it was almost down to T-shirts, before the sun disappeared behind the mountain tops and the temperature plummeted somewhat.

It’s been a lovely sunny day here…

At the right hand end, I had stopped a few slates short of the valley as the right hand edge will be tricky. You can see below that we have yet to strip the slates from the right hand end because we want to ensure the roof is as water-tight as possible when we go on holiday next week. On the other hand, it shows the kind of roof we removed as well as the sort of task still ahead of us!

I wonder which bit we have been working on..?

So, whilst Mike was busy with Building Control this afternoon, who visited today to check the insulation and have a general chinwag with us, I started the tricky job of butting up to the valley. Here’s hoping anyone who knows about this task can’t pick too many holes in what I have done so far.

Today we started finishing to the valley edge

The next few days will involve us – I hope – finishing the straight part of this roof and then working on interior jobs so that we can be sure we are able to leave for our hols. I wonder what we might end up doing?

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