Mike’s new ring on show…

We are moving into that summer period again when news on the refurb is likely to be a bit on the thin side, as we have to focus more on the cafe.  The last few days have been busy with preparations to ensure we had enough cakes in the freezer to cover the next three weeks.  We were also working on the final bits and bobs that required the scaffolding, from which we could see these bikes arrive and so took a quick pic to show them basking in the summer sun!

We had a few bike riders in the cafe earlier this week…

Mike has also taken advantage of changeable weather here to undertake one or two of those jobs that never quite seem to move to the top of the ‘to do’ list.  Today, he swept the chimney over the cafe wood burner and -whilst the scaffolding was in place – managed to fit the chimney fully back in place, so hopefully the fire will work more effectively this winter.  He then fitted a couple of D rings to two walls in the cafe, so that people can now constrain their best friends without needing to loop the lead under the table or chair legs…

D ring number 2, complete with model.

Our son Tom dropped in this afternoon, hoping to scrounge some redundant furniture for his new flat.  As a straightforward swap, I have asked him for as many of his model dinosaurs as he is prepared to hand over… I will explain more in about 2 months, with pictures, I hope.  But it was heartening to see Mike take a few minutes off during the day to shoot the breeze with Tom.

Son and Dad, putting the world to rights in the afternoon sunshine

We also took a break to check out Dick and Giles’ Singer, which was having an outing this afternoon.

The admiration crew for a refurbished Singer

I love the fact that they dress appropriately for the occasion.

Dick and Giles taking their leave

We are hopeful that the scaffolding will be removed early next week, which will enable us to erect the tower and repair the parts of the paintwork not accessible whilst the scaffolding is in place.  I also have plans to make-over part of the lower garden – but given that both Mike and I need to be in the cafe, it’s anyone’s guess how much progress we will be able to make.  Tune in again in about 5 days time, and I hope to be able to let you know we have managed to do some building work in addition to preparing panini lunches.

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