More concrete for more blocks

Before I start telling you of our labours this week, for our day off last week we drove to Penmaenmawr which has the most excellent second hand bookshop. On the way home we drove through the Ogwen valley, and the surface of Llyn Ogwen was like glass, although you can see from the mist and murk in the air that it was not one of our sunniest days!

Back to work, I hear you cry. We still had a wall stump crossing into our suites-to-be, so Mike set about knocking the wall out, block by block…

…and, part way through, he cut away the timber at the top of the wall which made it easier to knock out further blocks…

…until the wall was no longer in our way! It as important to move this, so that we can see the void that needs filling with concrete, of which more in a moment.

Following a comment last week, I have taken a few shots to show you the wider picture of what we are doing, so here is Mike’s work set in context…

…and here you can see how it all attaches to the Victorian manor.

Returning to the wall between the suites-to-be and the manor – we needed to fill the void with concrete…

…because once the void is filled, we will be able to rest the sole plate for the timber framed first floor on the wall+concrete combo.

Further down the wall, we needed to leave a gap in our concreting so that the water pipes can pass through from the boiler room into the suites. We knocked together the box you can see below pretty quickly, but if you ever need such a thing in future, we would be happy to share our design!

Enough of this levity. We are getting close to the end of the work we can do on the suites before either ordering more materials or receiving updated plans, so we had some fun today returning to the store room. Last autumn, we poured the concrete floor and haven’t returned to it since. Today we decided to put the next course of blocks in place. We are doing this because they will sit on the blue plastic (damp proof membrane) and the black damp-proof course, locking these waterproof layers in place. This means we can now trim away the excess blue plastic and be confident that when the storms come through, they will not be battering the loose plastic fabric and knocking holes in it.

This picture shows some of the loose blue plastic, as well as showing the relative position of the store as against the suites.

So there we are for this week. We seem to be getting along ok at the moment – do you think I should start running up the curtains soon?

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