More finishing touches

In our glorious / ludicrous refurbishment, we are at that stage where we are still continuing to finish all those niggling little jobs that seemed to get shuffled to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list.

We have replaced the railings on this external balcony area so it is now safe to walk on, and guests will be able to use it to walk out of their room, across the platform and off onto the rock behind the building (after we have moved some junk out of the way).

Look – no more consumer unit on display

Mike and Alex have been working hard to build the cupboards to contain the electrical consumer unit on each floor, which will look so much better after a lick of paint…

The floor is finally almost level

Above you see where a wall used to separate the entrance corridor from the bar: if you look carefully, you can see the feint outline from a line of bricks which we had to chip away at to bring them below the general floor level.

Having done this, Mike and Alex flowed some floor-leveling compound over the area and then spent a fun afternoon chasing it around so that, when it set, it was roughly where we needed it to give a pretty-nearly level floor. The readings from multiple spirit levels before we did this showed that the floor was – and I am using a very specific technical term here – all over the place. Now it is still pretty corrugated, but it will shortly be under carpet, and in an area that people should not be walking in, so we hope this problem will soon be firmly out of sight.

The gap between the stairs and the slate have finally been plugged…
… on both of the first two flights of stairs

Before the carpets went down, we finished off most of the edges of the stairs – but the gap between the stairs and the slate wall features proved more challenging. Mike recently had a light-bulb moment and, once the glue has dried, and after Shaun does his magic with paint and brushes, we are hoping this will shortly all look as smart as the rest of the staircase.

We continue to greet new and really interesting guests to stay in our lovely new rooms, and also to work with hospitality platforms to advertise them well. I will soon be enjoying an extended numerical break (as our accounting Year End is next Monday) but I understand Mike plans to carry on with the floor 1 platforms before we can turn to the next phase…

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