More slash and burn

Building work over the last four days has been slight.  Partly because we still await our plumber, but partly because we had a slightly embarrassing task to undertake.

We had put a couple of doorways in, that were not high enough.  Oh yes, we had put them in about 100mm too short.   So we had to take out the plasterboard and plywood, and raise the stud work to the correct height.  I am guessing that, like most people, this was just the sort of fiddly job that we kept putting off, and off, and off, until there really was nothing more we could do but mend this mistake.

Only a minor adjustment necessary
Adjustment finished

All better now!


Making progress

Friends Yvonne and Julie arrived on Friday, so we have spent the weekend with Mike and I running the cafe, and Yvonne and Julie playing slash and burn Rhododendron ponticum on the hillside.

Here we can see Julie getting to grips with the trimmings, expertly burning the waste whilst…

To give you a sense of scale, Yvonne battles on

…Yvonne gave it some welly with the loppers.  It is great that on the top level now we are beginning to reveal the lay of the land – so can start trying to recover pathways and plan the revitalisation of the woodland – but also uncover a wealth of native trees which have just about managed to survive and can now be helped to thrive having lost a dense surrounding of Rhodo leaf.

Slowing clearing the rhodo…

As you can see here, the worst of the growth has been removed, and it remains only to stem inject the stumps and rake the ground to remove any chippings or traces of Rhodo remaining.

Anyway, here’s hoping for tomorrow…keeping everything crossed.

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