More than 3 steps to heaven

It has been a very progressive few days since last I wrote.

On Wednesday, we declared a day off for me so that I could entertain our guest, Gill, for the day.  We visited Bodnant gardens – always worth a trip-  and I had a very restrained visit to the garden shop, buying only 6 plants, and then visited the Fairy Glen before returning with some shopping from the wholesalers to help Mike.  Mike had spent the day working with Jane (in the cafe); with Bill (in the garden) and with Adrian (mowing some of the grounds).  So Wednesday was a rather quiet day, which was lucky because…

On Thursday, Gill and her motorhome drove off for pastures new, whilst Mike had a morning appointment in Llanrwst, which may or may not have been linked to South Wales having a particularly hard line with regard to speeding in built up areas.  This all left me and Jane in charge of Plas.  So obviously we had a delivery of stairs from a local joinery firm, who had managed to slip them into their scheduled work earlier than expected…

Some of the stair runs as received and waiting in the main stairwell

then had a delivery of a window ready for floor 2, and the carrier came to collect the duplicate battery drill received when Mike ordered one over the internet

and shorty afterwards the scaffolders arrived…


We need to remove an old fire escape from the back of the building, partly because we plan to reuse the stairs, but mostly because the areas where the stairs are fixed to the building leak and we need to make these places watertight.  This arrangement of poles will persist until Mike has rendered a few spots; then we can call in the team to remove the stairs; then we ask the scaffolders to return and subtly reorganise the scaffolding, at which point we can paint the top of the eaves (which can’t be reached from this configuration).

and now ready for us to climb up and complete various tasks


Friday saw us both in the cafe, having a sporadically busy day, and then Mike gave blood but I couldn’t as I have had a routine procedure in hospital so temporarily escape the attentions of the blood letters.  Today, with Jane holding the fort and her son, Jack, doing front of house, we were able to spring Mike to return to the building work.  Having the building so full of runs of stairs that they constitute a definite trip hazard does rather concentrate the mind, so Mike spent the day fitting the trimmers to the back wall…

Mike adding the trimmers to the back wall

and then hanging the joists to support the platforms, a.k.a. stairs 6 and 9.

Now the joists have been added between the two lines of trimmers


I suspect tonight will find us watching YouTube videos to check we haven’t missed anything, but as we will be running the cafe tomorrow and Monday, there will now be a brief pause in the building works.

I have not been able to get into the grounds for the last few days since the weather has been rather damp recently… but I have managed to order a lot of seeds, ready to raise plants for next year. So once I hit the ‘publish’ button tonight, I will be in the poly tunnel, trying to make room for the next set of seed trays!




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