Moving in the right direction…

As you know, we are working to refurbish an old manor, with extensions, in a stunning location within Snowdonia.  Since I last wrote, the refurbishment crew has spent three days cooking in the cafe, including making marmalade when time allowed, and I then spent two days in Cowbridge (near Cardiff) with our eldest daughter on a mission to buy a mother-of-the-bride outfit, so building progress has been modest, to put it mildly!

I can report thought that we have taken delivery of three pallets of baths and bath fitments – courtesy of Mike’s very generous brother – which we had to move one by one under cover, so that accounts for about half a day…

Bathroom fittings have arrived….
… along with two pallets of baths

These baths are all white, which we hope will make a nice change from the current avocado suites.

In addition, Mike has been puzzling away how we need to finesse the wall over the fire door, avoiding the pipes and the trimmer (yet to be fitted) but completing sufficient plywood and plasterboard that Mike can plaster (skim) the wall in order that we can fit the trimmer and then fit the third flight of stairs.  (I hope this is all clear to all.)  Current situation is shown below:

Progress on the wall is steady

We also wanted to share with you our new logo.  We asked for a logo that would reflect the roof line of the manor; hint at the nearness of the river; and be ‘friendly’.  We hope that you will agree that the logo below has achieved all of these aims and more.  We look forward to incorporating it on the web pages, business cards and so forth over the next few months.  Our huge thanks to the person who did this for us – we hope you know just how much we believe this will help us establish this business in future years.

Our new logo

Tomorrow we may have to take a bye on building as we have a lot of people visiting for an evening meeting, so don’t want them to be pushing past wet plaster,  but plan to return to proper building progress as soon as possible.


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