Mud, sweat and no tears (yet)

As you may know, we are usually focusing our energies on the building, so that we can open the accommodation as soon as possible.  Having said that, someone had capacity with some heavy digging equipment close by, so how could we refuse the offer of several tons of topsoil to start us off developing our lower garden?!?  Regular readers will know that we cleared this area of rubbish a month or so ago – now it has been levelled and topsoil thinly spread, ready for us to seed it for grass next spring.


Newly delivered topsoil, which is not that easy to find in North Wales

Whilst I was taking photos of that, I turned around and took a quick snap of the planting we have finished top dressing behind the cafe…

The top ‘garden’ now fully mulched

…and also of the planters around the front of the cafe which, now that the frosted pelargoniums have been removed, look a little less unhappy.

Planters have been refreshed

The shot below shows that the work on the lower garden is almost finished.  Just beyond the digger’s grab you can see some herbaceous plants that have been lifted and need to be re-positioned, but the weather here at the moment is not conducive to such work…

The topsoil has been spread

…because storm Diana has come over.  Last night, one of our neighbours had a near miss when a tree came down just after she had driven through here and parked her car.

What a mess a tree can make

Mike took over his chainsaw this morning and he and Alex joined a gang of many to help clear the road access.

It was a bit damp…

…and this afternoon, he returned to his first love (?) of plastering.  You will no doubt be happy to know that floor 2 is now almost all plastered, so just floor 1 to go now…

Mike has been plastering again


Meanwhile I have been working hard, tucked up in front of a lovely fire trying to finalise the company accounts for the year that ended in September, as well as one or two other desk-based tasks.  Such a shame to be so comfy as the wind howls around us…

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