New stairs going down

We enjoyed another busy week with the accommodation. The only notable event was when we approached one of our guests for a quick chat and, on opening the outer firedoor of their suite, the door closer and part of the architrave fell into my hands.

We definitely were not expecting that!

Fortunately, it was nothing that a drop of glue and some longer screws couldn’t sort out. It does exemplify well how very hot it has been here, softening the original glue to the point of failure.

On a more exciting note, some neighbours arrived on Friday evening to lower the old fire escape stairs into place to become our garden stairs…

These have been propped in the car park, casual-like, for a few weeks – well, months really – ready to be lowered over the fence into position.

Here is the old view over the fence, although it gives little sense of the eight foot drop here…

… and here you see the stairs being slowly lowered into place.

It’s difficult to see them here (slightly above the centre of the picture), but I include this shot so you can see the stairs should not stand out too badly in the setting, and will give access to some of the weed growth that needs to be controlled…

…but we will have to do some fine tweaking, as they look rather wonky and are too vertical as they are.

We will attach a winch to re-site the steps slightly, having first constructed a concrete step both top and bottom to secure them fully in place, with the treads properly horizontal. Once they are firmly in place, we will add handrails and adjust the fence to incorporate a gate to give access and – voila – I will be able to get down to the lower garden in about 30 seconds, where it is currently a 3 minute walk.

I know, what a dreadfully disadvantaged gardening life I lead, but this should mean I manage to visit more often to keep the raised beds under control where they are currently a riot of weeds and wild flowers. Still, I expect the bees are just as happy with that.

2 thoughts on “New stairs going down

  1. Oh Wow,
    Those steps will save you a lot of time getting to the lower gardens. Hope you have plenty of visitors to stay and that all is going well with you both.


    1. Hi Kim
      Absolutely! We are still waiting for Naill to come and concrete them in place, so haven’t actually walked on them yet, but totally looking forward to it.
      Sadly, Mike and I can’t do this as we are absolutely flat out looking after guests staying in the accommodation – a nice problem to have at the moment. Hope you are all managing to keep well. We are looking forward to returning to the building work, probably around end September, but are thoroughly enjoying being hoteliers at the moment.
      All the best, Carrie

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