New Year – and a new porch!

Happy New Year everyone.

We returned to work this week in wet weather, as you can see. With all that rain out there, we decided to start work again by working on the front porch. We finished replacing the last three glazed panels, and then wanted to start working on the doorway.

Some years ago, a door had been put on the outer extreme of the porch and it could only be opened from the inside, so it wasn’t much use when people needed to shelter from the rain.

First, we took the door off its hinges.

When we arrived in Plas, the wood at the base of both sides of the door had been buried beneath the level of the brickweave path for many years, and was seriously rotten (see below and to the side of the white painted area)…

…and to remove this, we needed to dismantle the ‘false’ doorway that had been added to the porch. We started by levering off the black-painted fascia boards…

…to reveal the details of what had been added.

We then removed the uprights on the left as you look at it…

…followed by the uprights on the right. This revealed the beautiful proportions of the original porch, and how the wood to the sides had been profiled, showing evidence that the top piece (which sadly has long since been hacked away) used to be curved, probably peaking in the centre, but possibly just curved at both ends. I expect we will soon be spending lots of time on Google trying to work out how to repair this damage.

Here we are just showing that the re-glazing is now finished, so obviously we then had to turn our hands to something else.

Below you see the wood panelling behind the fire place in the main reception room.

Now you can see some panelling is missing – interestingly, much of it scorched on the back, but the patterning made it clear that the panels have been removed and then replaced in a different order since the original fire. The mind boggles…

Slowly we revealed the wall behind the panelling. We have seen a photo from the 1980s showing us that this fireplace used to have a lovely Victorian surround with mirrors above, but this has long since disappeared.

Having removed all the panelling, there was an arctic draught coming from behind the plasterboard, so we quickly sealed the edges with squirty foam to cut this down.

The next phase here will be to dismantle the slate construction around the fire. As the top ‘shelf’ is huge, we will need to work out how to safely remove such a very heavy piece of stone. It may be a while before we return to this story…

2 thoughts on “New Year – and a new porch!

  1. Happy New Year everyone
    The porch will look great as all your renovation do, look forward to seeing the fireplace re -established in due course.

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