No progress – welcome to November!

My apologies for the tardiness of this blog. We have been very busy with hospitality recently, for which we are very grateful. In addition, we have been making more curtains lately. The weather has been milder than it was in late September, which was very welcome, but we are painfully aware that we need to get these thermal-lined curtains up before we have to put the heating on!

Yvonne and Julie who very kindly started this task have travelled westwards, so it is now me working the machine, pushing through huge volumes of fabric…

…and trying to keep those seams straight. I have been having a trip down memory lane, though. This sewing machine was my mum’s and on it she sewed many summer frocks in my (distant) youth. After replacing a broken drive belt, it has performed remarkably well, working on really quite heavy fabric.

The sophisticated paperwork system above shows that I am completely on top of the scale of the issue. Yvonne and Julie completed nine curtains and I have finished a further twelve, leaving just three further pairs in the old house and perhaps another ten pairs in the long corridor and restaurant before I can put the sewing machine away.

Mike, meanwhile, has been back out with his pickaxe and shovel as there were a few areas that required a little more excavation so that we could show rocks in various key locations, like the one below. We now have drawings from the building engineer, and a long list of questions requiring responses from Building Control…

…but the hope is that we may soon be in a position to restart the building works. I am aware that I have said this before, so here’s hoping something gives soon.

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