Noise abatement at Plas (not a phrase many people thought they would ever see)

Hi all, the far more relaxed and mellow Carrie now writes.  The Welsh exam was actually very interesting, in that I found the written section relatively straightforward and hope that the marks will reflect that in due course.  The oral section, however, was nothing like as relaxed, mostly because I seem to be incapable of adjusting the speed of my speech to reflect my relative inexperience in Welsh, which means I wasn’t giving myself enough time to think before saying things.  Oh well, at least its all behind me now, which is a great relief, until the next time, obviously.

Back to the refurb.   We finished insulating the end walls but I haven’t included any photos as I think you have probably seen enough of those by now.  I started the week with a stud wall, plastered on one side, and with electrical socket boxes in place, and have added the insulating matting which I will need to wedge in place with some chicken wire so that it can’t slump, before the building inspector takes a look and we can then put the final section of plaster board into the wall.


One stud wall…


…now insulated

Unfortunately, the insulation is spectacularly effective against noise.  Now if I bellow up the stairs that Mike is needed somewhere, he can’t seem to hear me.  Weird that.

I also tidied up a bit of wall which used to be hidden by the old floors, and once it was levelled, Mike added a bonding and then a finishing coat of plaster so it is almost looking like a regular stairwell now.

Mike got a little plastered…

In addition, I have insulated a further piece of stud wall which Mike erected earlier this week, and then Mike used his left over plaster …

and the small stud wall, also insulated

… to cement the gap where the walls meet the ceiling.  Having done this, he has put PVA all over the ceiling, tinted a lovely shade of green so we can see where he has worked.

Sealing the ceiling

so who knows what delighted may face us next week, after we spend the next couple of days in the cafe.

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