Normal positive service resumes

Normal positive service resumes
(This post composed and entered on 8th April, but as a new page rather than a blog post. Sorry to those who couldn’t find the update – I have now moved it to the blog and will delete the new page…eventually

Hi all. I hope life is treating you as well as it is us.

We are still learning to live with the uncertainty about the way we need to progress. We have heard nothing from the professionals so have changed tack and are now prepping the windows.
As with the cafe, all of the windows on the three floors will need re-glazing. On Tuesday, Mike removed the external doors from their normal location in one room and placed them in the door hospital (ysbyty drws). The glass was removed, and he then removed the previous rather dodgy repairs after, we presume, the door was blown open and damaged rather extensively in the past. Unfortunately, by the time I tried to take a photo of the impressive infill, the door had been replaced on new hinges, and the weather board had been replaced so you can’t see anything of the repair.
I really must try harder at this photography lark.

and here is the partner door, stripped (my job) and ready for repair
Here is one door, stripped (my job) and ready for repair

And here is the repaired door, back in the opening, and protected from the elements!

Repaired door back in the opening, and protected from the elements!

Other big news of this week is that I has caught a snorting cold, but have been very brave, naturally. A couple of people have worked a trial day in the cafe this week but, life being what it is, we were relatively quiet on both days so they haven’t had a true flavour of what might be in store for them. At least we should be ready when the rush starts.
We have also taken the opportunity presented by the building hiatus to do some tidying and sorting. Our tool repository has been reorganised; I have primped the area around the chalet to try to make it look less derelict; and I have written the quiz for tomorrow. Written, plagiarised from the web and books, its all a matter of how you look at things…
View from the car park around 5pm today - just incase you need an incentive to visit some day View from the car park around 5pm today – just in case you need an incentive to visit some day

Yesterday, we met a super couple who spent their honeymoon here 32 years ago. They have taken a leaflet and said they might pop back in 3 years to see if we have accommodation on offer – no pressure then!
The really good news this week though is that Mike drove to Anglesey on Wednesday to collect a new nuc (a queen plus a small colony of workers) of bees. He and Adrian put these into the newly sterilised hive. I am told the operation went smoothly, but my question is – how did so much of the (incredibly sticky) sugar syrup end up decorating the two bee suits, plus the boot of Mike’s car? I guess this will remain a mystery since I don’t think either of the chaps plan to tell me the full story.

The view back towards Betws-y-Coed...need I say more?
The view back towards Betws-y-Coed…need I say more?

Oh well, I shan’t worry as I have lots of rhododendrons and other shrubs (courtesy of Anna and the remaindered plants bench) to plant this weekend. Yippee!