Nothing much to report

I feel I need to apologise for the lack of news.

This is due, in part, to us spending quite a lot of the last couple of weeks trying to connect to the booking systems of various hotel room search sites.

We have also spent time doing some of the niggly little things we hadn’t quite wrapped up before we opened.

But also, I have been on the sick list. Ahhh. Yes, I know – we are usually staggeringly lucky, enjoying robust good health. On the jounrney back from visiting Teddy, I thought something might be wrong and nipped to the GP who prescribed antibacterials. Sadly, the first lot didn’t do the business, and the second set gave me terrible nausea and vomiting. A mercy dash to the local hospital last Saturday night (yes, not the best time to chose, we know) brought a changed prescription and a slow improvement.

I am sorry to sound a bit of a drip, but I am still feeling rather washed out, so I hope you will understand if it is a little while before we have too much to report.

Lola tried to keep Alex’s efforts under control

The only photo this time is of Alex, trimming the top off a line of bricks that mark where an old wall used to be. Once this proudness has been removed, we will flow some self-levelling cement over the area, ready for the carpet which will be with us soon.

On a more positive note, Mike has been working like a trooper, looking after our many guests. It is wonderful to find that word is getting out and we have had many super guests over the last couple of weeks (or at least so I am told).

Here’s hoping things are a bit more energetic wherever you are!

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