Now what shall we do?

We are part way through our second week of building work, which I thought I would share with you tonight.

We started our travails by putting in the door frame for the accessible toilet. We checked and double checked the figures, but you will find out later on that this was not our finest moment. Having put the door frame in, we needed to accurately site the dividing wall so we did the measuring and …

…then needed to fix a length of 3″ x 2″ on the ceiling – but unfortunately the timbers holding up the ceiling were running the wrong way! So I was passed my demolishion hat and told to locate some joists, and of course I obliged. Having found the joists and added some noggins, we began putting in the stud partition wall, but then encountered problem number 1.

The existing foul down pipe, that will end up within the stud partition wall, is bent at the bottom. We need to link the accessible toilet outflow into this, but can’t use a standard fixing due to the bend. We ordered a special fixing last week, but still await it’s arrival – which means we can’t finish the wall.

Sorry about the blur – but you can see above that most of the wall has been built, and below that we had to prep for plastering the slate wall just inside the doorway.

Meanwhile, work has continued on the external stairs, with Niall fitting the hand rail (which Mike is holding whilst some welding takes place).

…and over the weekend we had lovely weather so have added a few plants as we continue to improve the landscaping.

Now we are awaiting delivery of a few items, so decided to move to fitting the accessible toilet door. You might notice the slightly puzzled look on Mike’s face when he found that the dimensions were not what they needed to be. Having moved the (very heavy) door to be fitted, we check-measured the width of the door frame and found to our horror that the frame was wider than the door. Much head-scratching followed, until we realised that we had made the wrong aperture the right size! (For anyone still interested, we had set the door jambs at the required distance, where we should have set the rebated parts behind the jambs to that distance. Having castigated ourselves roundly, we then wondered if perhaps we hadn’t taken enough time off before returning to the building work….any appropriate excuse might make up feel a little less silly.

Cue end of today, and of this blog. Since we have already built the stud wall next to this frame, it isn’t sensible to try to resize the frame, so tomorrow we will fudge the problem, of which more details next time.

We are anxiously waiting to know (as are our booked guests) whether we are allowed to open this weekend, but fully expect this not to be permitted. I just hope we are told sooner than later…

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