OMG – look, no pipes!

On Sunday and Monday, Mike and I were on duty in the cafe, so we restarted the marmalade production line.  Not only are we now back in stock of our traditional Seville orange marmalade along with a thick cut version, but we are also experimenting this year with an Oxford marmalade – delicious (even if I say so myself!)

Marmalade production is in full swing!

Now, back to the rebuilding work.  Last week, we moved one pipe so were down to three blocking the space needed for the stair trimmer (see below)…

Three pipes are our mission…

Mike nipped up into the crawl space under the roof over the long corridor to cut through the pipes, with the smallest hacksaw we could find…

Cutting the pipes

before returning to the stairwell to clip the new pipe into place, well away from the trimmer space.

Two pipes now moved, two to go

Now, every good story needs a little drama, and I am delighted to let you know that we created a little drama just to serve this need.  When Mike turned the valve to shut off the water supply to the two remaining pipes, he inadvertently over-tightened the valve and broke it.  No biggie – I was sent to the builders merchant in Blaenau Ffestiniog  for a replacement stop cock.  When this was handed over, I realised it was not what I had expected to see, and the kind man explained to me the difference between a stop cock (which in our case we did not want) and a Gate valve (which it turns out is what we had broken).  By the time I got home, Mike had turned off some other valves, and frozen the pipe in the appropriate place, so we could rapidly replace the gate valve and carry on.  Phew, crisis averted.

One broken gatevalve

Here you can see the more delicate hand of the trainee deputy under-builder who, having completed the full plumbing course, has been given permission to cut through pipe number three…

One small cut for womankind…

And now three pipes have been moved, and only one remains in the wrong place…

One pipe left, and the bucket still in place to catch drops still draining from this last (now cut) pipe.

Today Dick, from Llan Ffestiniog, popped over to give us a hand with the larger bore pipe…

Dick at work

…and tonight I can proudly show you that there are now no pipes in the way!!!!

Look – no pipes (in the space which will be occupied by the stringer)

And, even better, we have now cut away the joist which was also in the way (but which had been supporting the original pipes).

… and now, no joist in the way either!

So we now have a beautiful void, ready for us to insert a trimmer, against which we will be able to lean the stairs…..oh, the excitement!  Obviously there are many other little bits and bobs we need to finish before the stairs can be fitted, but here’s hoping on next writing I may have some news.  Meanwhile, Mike and I are off for a celebratory sit down now that a major impediment to progress has been successfully removed.

2 thoughts on “OMG – look, no pipes!

  1. Well done – the Mario Brothers of Plas Penaeldroch 🙂 [I think they were supposed to be plumbers!]
    You two never fail to amaze me with your skills and perseverance.

    Onwards and upwards [literally]

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