One baby step forward, and an unfortunate outcome to deal with…

Greetings all.  I hope that this finds you feeling better than we are.  I can report that both Mike and I are definitely on the road to recovery, but also have to report that we both think this is the ill-est we have been in the last ten years, at least, so please bear with me if what follows is not as upbeat as normal.

After a week on the sick, lame and lazy list, we both enjoyed Saturday and Sunday in the cafe. On mature reflection, perhaps we should have started off a little more gently as we returned to the re-building work today.  We had been discussing how difficult we had found it to keep warm whilst we were poorly, so decided to have a tiffle with the radiators.  We had disconnected some of the radiators whilst we were moving walls around on floors 1 and 2.  Sadly, it wasn’t until we had reconnected the water supply and when Jane shouted through that water was cascading through the cafe ceiling that it became clear at least one critical part of the pipework had not been reconnected properly ….

We didn’t photograph that (as we were too busy trying to stem the flow) but you may be able to guess from the shot below how one of the doorways on floor 1 became rather damp as water did its normal thing and followed the path of least resistance all over the floor!

A slightly damp start…

So we mopped up the water using old towels and so forth in the ‘dirty’ part where a considerable volume of water was sitting just beyond our reach under the floorboards, and mopped up with old newspaper and towelling in the ‘clean’ cafe part.


It was only a little deluge, which you can see ran along joints and edges.

Mike assures me that, once fully dried, we should just need to use a stain blocker before a quick repaint in a few weeks.  On the minus side, we could have done without this.  On the plus side, we do need to remove a tiny sliver of ceiling above the entrance door to the cafe in a couple of weeks, after which we had planned to repaint – so all’s well that ends well, I hear you say.

Two hot water pipes, now lagged

I was determined after all this to make some positive progress today that could be featured on the blog, so I then spent an hour or two lagging the two hot water pipes above.  It’s always reassuring to know your work is worth doing.  In the case of these pipes, they started off pleasantly warm to the touch but the more I lagged, the hotter the pipes became until it was difficult to continue to work without thermal gloves to protect my poor little pinkies.

But at least we have broken back into the work of work, and hope to have more progress to report in a day or so.

2 thoughts on “One baby step forward, and an unfortunate outcome to deal with…

  1. Hi Carrie,
    Good to hear that you are both on the mend. How are you getting on with the radiators?
    Water is such a mess to clean up isn’t it? We got up to a bathroom floor covered in water yesterday morning – the seal around the underside sink plug hole sink had failed – again! This morning off I toddled to our local DIY emporium and bought the necessary gubbins
    to do the job. Well at least it gets me out of the ironing! David is doing that whilst I pretend to be Penny the Plumber.
    At the moment we have snow and very high winds, which is at least blowing the snow away. The sun keeps coming out from behind the yukky clouds, but the wind scares it back into hiding again.
    Hope you all continue to feel better and your mishaps, should you have any, be very very small.

    1. Hi Kim,
      Hope the plumbing went well! we continue to get stronger but surprisingly had to work short days this week as all our equipment and tools seem mysteriously to have got heavier during our illness… We have also gone from lovely balmy temperatures to a snow-dusted landscape, but are looking forward to Easter which we hope will bring in the spring weather.

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