One step at a time – even if you have a lump hammer in your hand…

Mike and I have returned our focus to staircases since last I wrote.  We have continued to extend and stiffen  the stairwell, as you can see below

The second wall of the stairwell is progressing

Just out of shot to the left of the above photo is the staircase you see in the photo below.  On Monday, whilst Mike tendered paninis, I took to the lump hammer to persuade the stairs below that their day has gone.

One staircase going…

I wasn’t quite sure how to tackle the task, so started with the wrecking saw and cut through the side rail a few times.  In an inspired moment, I gave the side bar a strategic tap with the lump hammer and chunks of it started to fall off in my hands, honest guv.  Once the side rail had begun to move, it was a simple matter to encourage the risers and treads, in turn, to give up the ghost.


This continued, basically, as far as I could reach without needing a step stool.  I decided against the stool as – and you may have already noticed this – there is quite a gap in the floor, and I didn’t want to risk toppling off anything into the void.  Oh, and just in case you think the Michelin Man has joined me in my overalls, you might like to know it is pretty cold in the building area, and it takes many layers of jumpers to make me look this way!

…nearly gone

Today, Mike was able to hand the apron to Jane and use his superior height and strength to demolish the quarter landing and short flight of stairs above – and you can still see their shadow on the plasterboard in the shot below.

Today, even the top steps have disappeared

I include the shot below as a curiosity.  Now that the stairs between first and second floor have been removed, we can see right up through the building to the ceiling of floor 2 from the ground floor.  You can also see the water pipes which we now need moving, even more desperately than before…

A view from the ground floor – but hopefully not for much longer!

Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

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