One swallow did not a nest make – or, if so, not where we could see it…

Well, we are tired, but if I could get out of my chair, I would be doing a happy dance – if I knew how to do one (our ballroom dance classes a few years ago didn’t run to such things) to reflect how good it feels to nearly be watertight in at least one room.

The weather over the past 3 days has been very kind to us as it allowed the roof to dry out enabling us to proceed.  Since our last post, we have bandaged the joints, laid the fibreglass mat and covered it with resin, sanded the result and then applied the top coat complete with added Welsh slate chippings to make the resulting surface non-slip.  Wednesday was mostly spent preparing through removal of render (Mike) and shopping for bits (Carrie).

Joins have been bandaged; preparing for mat
Joins have been bandaged; preparing for mat

The hardest day was definitely yesterday as we laid the glass fibre mat, because once we started using the catalysed resin, there could be only limited breaks until we finished the job.  We started the bandaging around 10am, and finished laying the main bed around 4.30pm, when we had to clean up to go and cast our vote!  The evening was pretty quiet and mainly spent sitting silently.  Today Mike top-coated the floor whilst I cleaned and sanded the stairs that approach the roof.

Mike now top coating over the resined mat - nearly finished!
Mike now top coating over the resined mat – nearly finished!

Of course we haven’t quite finished yet, oh no.  Tomorrow we will – but, I will leave this for the next posting.

I realise some of you may be reading this and thinking we are slacking, so in our defence I should let you know that during the schedule gaps this week – such as times when we needed to wait for things to go off, or when Mike wanted the deck to himself for a messy job and I was brutally asked to leave the area – and not wishing to be thought a jibber, I have also added some plants to the rock ‘garden’ behind the long corridor; painted a small run of fence and a couple of wooden planters; and planted an area behind the bar with herbs in pots.

Sadly, our swallows have changed their mind and moved to the other side of our window, which means we cannot see them as they fly in.  Oh well, maybe next year.  But we do seem to have a lot of birds flirting with the eaves so who knows what may happen.

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