One week one day and counting…

A quick reminder for those less focused on the work…we have days left before the stair carpets arrive. Eight days, and about eight+quitealot days of work to fit in. we will just have to prioritise very carefully!

Below you can see Mike fitting a threshold in place

who needs a floor, anyway?

…after which he installed the door frame (photographed from the other side, incase you are feeling a bit seasick viewing this).

One new door frame opened…
…and another is finished.

The above door is at the far end of the same corridor – amazing what a few coats of paint can achieve.

Mike has also moved on to plastering under the stairs between floors 1 and 2 whilst I was busy cutting and fitting the skirting board, and then priming and undercoating the woodwork… my, I will be glad to put my paint brush down for a while in a week or two.

Mike continues to plaster under the stairs…

Our biggest challenge for a while arrived on Friday. Once upon a time, people accessed the rooms we have been restoring via a fire door from the main staircase in the old house. The plans originally showed a modified set of stairs allowing this access to continue, but as they would lead onto the fire exit, they needed to have a particular tread and riser dimension. This was not possible in the space available, so our architectural designer redrew this space showing a doorway and a cupboard beyond.

On Friday, as we bagan work on this, we realised the plans were not clear whether the door should be a regular or a fire door, so we phoned the architect for clarification – only to find her phone number has been de-listed. (We thought this was a bit extreme as we only wanted to ask a little detail, but we have filed on the ‘must get around to this’ pile that perahps we need to find out if she is no longer available to do work for us. Shame.) So we phoned Building Control, who said words to the effect of ‘you can’t have a cupboard there’ which kind of surprised us as we still have on file their email approving this option…

Mike, being ever the practical kind of guy, said ‘stuff this for a game of soldiers’ and we have installed our own variant – a fire board lined alcove, without doors or access back into the house. Here’s hoping this will work (because if not, opening could be rather delayed).

The old access route is being blocked off.

And we have plastered it, to make it look pretty…

Nearly done now.

and are hoping against hope that this will be ok.

On a lighter note, we see a truce of sorts has been declared by the pets. We came into the lounge one evening to find Lola and Boyd lying pretty close together, and Boyd with a front paw on top of Lola. Here’s hoping this is a sign of things steadying down…

After all this pestering each other, is it any wonder they are tired out.

SO other than our little hiccup regarding the alcove, we are pretty steady as she goes. We now have Shaun helping with the painting so hope we will be in time for next week. We are working on recruitment, and are still harvesting strawberries, so life is pretty good here.

Let’s hope I can say the same next post…!

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