Onwards and upwards!

We have made quite pleasing progress this week; or perhaps I should just say we are pleased with the progress -whether there is wider approval will remain to be seen.

To the left, stud wall into en suite. to the right, stiffening wall with centre panels removed, ready for demolition
See- no wall!

On Wednesday, we cut through and removed the stiffening plywood wall on floor 1, and then took delivery of the new studs and plywood ready to rebuild.  I managed the building work just fine, but moving 10 sheets of 8′ x 4′ of 12mm ply across an exposed spot and against the freezing wind nearly did for me, even if Mike was doing his share of the heavy lifting!

Perhaps you can see the extent of the destruction best here…
Moving out the sand from under the floor

On Thursday, we removed the floor, along with the builders sand which has been incorporated between floors – we assume for soundproofing.  We cut through the sub-floor to reveal a joist sitting on top of the steel girder, which is what we had been looking for.  As great good fortune would have it, the building inspector called round at lunch time and was able to look at the joist and agree a slightly off-plan solution with Mike.  In short, we will rest the new wall on a second joist bolted to the joist sitting on the steel, rather than having to remove this and go back to the steel.  (Non-building fraternity, feel free to ignore the last sentence).  Mike was justifiably proud that the inspector was content with all of the work we have done so far…

There is a steel down there somewhere…
Here we are blocking up the old doorway into the (now defunct) en suite
The new stud walls going up…

After my Welsh class on Friday, during which Mike had installed the new joist and bolted it in place, we started to rebuild the stiffening walls in their new locations.  The snow started to fall in the morning and whilst the landscape looked pretty, the roads stayed fairly clear.  However, late in the afternoon the snow began to settle on the roads, and the journey to Llanrwst for blood-doning was really rather slippery.  We thought this mornings view of Moel Siabod was worth a shot, though.

Siabod, under a dusting of snow
For those who want proof of the snowfall here…

Today we have continued the rebuild, and now have a new stud wall in place, lined with both plywood and fire-proof plasterboard, so tomorrow (if the snow is still settled and therefore people are less likely to be travelling to the cafe) we will start to fit the joist hangers and re-fit floor 2, this time with joists running in a different direction.

The new walls on floors 1 and 2, now ply faced, and photo taken before the plasterboard was fitted

I hope this is all clear.  To check, we will be offering a test to check comprehension any day now… but I must stop now and prepare for the deluge of snow expected any minute, which has Mike dancing with excited anticipation..



One thought on “Onwards and upwards!

  1. Hi Carrie & Mike,
    Moel Siabod looks very picturesque in her winter clothes. You seem to be getting on well at the moment. It’s good to see your progress and look forward to seeing it all for real in June.
    Have been reading but not commenting as we had to drop everything to go to to a funeral in Bonny Scotland..


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