Our building work pause continues

Even though it is eleven days since I last wrote, we have almost no photos to share with you showing any progress. So I will start with this shot of Siabod under a cloudy sky, just to set the scene.

First snow on Siabod this autumn just about visible.

Mike and I have been very busy with hotelier stuff. We seem to have an bottomless pit of emails to respond to, documentation to create and update, places we need to go to and people to see, as well guests and family to host here. Mike’s brother and partner stayed last weekend which was wonderful company for us, but may have been slightly unusual for them as we also had a hotel full of residents so were busy serving breakfasts and evening meals. You can see below that some of our younger guests are happy to make their own fun…

One of our guests and the A-maze-ing game he created with Duplo…
…whilst his brother made free with other elements.

…whilst the adults have a restful chat.

We have also settled and sieved the honey and now bottled up our 13 jars. This is rather a disappointing yield after last years much larger harvest, but we understand that the damp weather this summer has not helped the bees.

Our second year of honey production.

I am happy to report that my thoughts are beginning to turn to building work. I think Mike is still enjoying our break from the tyranny of continual progress, so it may yet be a week or two before we recommence the building work. In the meantime, I am now producing lists and schedules so that when the energies return, we will be ready to get going again.

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