Our dog’s bananas…

This will be a blog in three parts.  The first will cover the really important news about the new puppy.  Mike took Lola back to the dogs home from which we got her early this week for her little girly op, one of the conditions of adopting dogs from the re-homing centre.

Lola in relaxed mode before the op

As you can see, she was completely relaxed about the whole thing, right up until she was put into her collar of shame to stop her picking at the stitches.  To her credit, she has been pretty good about wearing this weird contraption, but that might be at least partly related to us having discovered her new passion – bananas!

We discovered this when I was trying to finish a banana, but there was a pretty insistent request for a bit from our new housemate.

Lola in collar post op

Can dog’s eat bananas, we asked?  Tom replied yes, but they need help to peel them as they don’t have thumbs. Boom boom.

The second part is that on the work front, we have been busy on the painting.  All three walls accessible from the scaffolding have been painted grey, and today we began to paint the darker grey contrast around the windows.  Shame about the positioning of the scaffolding floors, but you can’t have everything your way!

Carrie trying her hand at painting

Here you can see the back wall coming along, which Gill and I were working on, whilst Mike addressed the cowl for the log burner in the cafe.

Two windows with newly painted surrounds

This has been inaccessible since we moved in, so Mike cleaned it and even managed to get the cowl moving earlier today.  All seems well, although we suspect a visit from a chimney sweep might be a good idea soon…

Is this a cowl I see before me?

…and here you can see the wall over the cafe has been painted, and the window surrounds finished.  We are really looking forward to having the scaffolding removed, hopefully pretty soon, so that we can show you the building in its new majestic clothing.

The wall over the cafe has been repainted

And speaking of clothing, our third item is that we have finally received a wedding shot showing Mike and I in our finery, so for those of you who didn’t know we had any non-paint stained clothes, here we are at Charley and Damien’s wedding last month!

The happy couple with a couple in their prime

2 thoughts on “Our dog’s bananas…

  1. When Foss had her op we found a the cone of shame lasted all of one night or rather not the whole night but a T shirt with the back legs through the arm holes and tail through the neck whole and a nappy pin to the bottom of the t shirt and the collar worked a treat. Bananas are ok but they must not eat the skin is my understanding.
    Paint job looks fab as do the wedding outfits.

    1. Thanks for the info, and I love the image of Foss as described! Lola managed with the cone with relatively little fuss, strangely, but it did get rather grubby…
      Hope to have more photos to share with you next time you are visiting.
      we are loving your blog, by the way- just rubbish at sending messages!.

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