Our little steps continue

This has been quite a busy week for us. It started before our guests arrived for Saturday night. All three suites were booked out to the one extended family, and there was quite a party atmosphere as two of the guests had recently become engaged so we decorated the cafe…

…and were kept busy preparing and serving food. We hope that the guests enjoyed themselves, because we certainly enjoyed their company!

When we were finalising some of the suites back in April, we invited a few friends in to test them. One group of friends suggested we should install some bird feeders, but I have been dragging my feet as I was concerned about attracting unwanted wildlife. Over the summer then we had a customer in the cafe who talked me through the different feeding options and which one was best to avoid stray visitors, and so we have taken the plunge. Yvonne and Julie installed the feeders last week, and it has taken a day or two for the birds to trust them, but we are now enjoying lots of flying visitors.

On the work front, I have been doing a lot of paperwork this week and Mike has been moving lots of things around in preparation for the next phase. He has also finally completed the last item on our ‘snagging’ list for the three suites. The suite on floor 1 opens out onto a balcony at the front, but the stairs from the balcony to the ground were very slippery. Our previous attempts to make these safe have been washed away by rain, so we decided we needed something more effective. On Thursday, Mike and Alex fixed wire matting in place to make the treads safe- not the most elegant, but very secure and no more slip.

So, now that the last of the snagging has been done, we can turn our minds to the next phase – yippee! We have guests in this weekend, but come Monday let’s see what presents itself as the next item on our production schedule.

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