Panic subsiding – slowly!

We have been very busy in the cafe since I last wrote, which is my excuse for the lack of news to follow on the building renovations.

Mike spent today working on what was once a functional door from a floor 2 room onto the fire escape.  After removing the paint, it became clear that the door had been mended in various different places and ways before, and that Mike will need to do a lot of corrective work to ensure the door has some structural strength when returned to its place.  He hopes to complete the repairs tomorrow, ensuring plenty of glue has been used to maximise the bonded stiffness.  I will be stripping paint from the two adjacent windows, so that we can install the new double glazing tomorrow or Thursday.


When is a door not a door?

On Sunday we were visited by a group of car enthusiasts, this time with a passion for Holden’s.  They had our sympathy with regard to the weather, but hope that the coffee and cakes were some consolation!

Does anyone know the collective term for a parking of Holdens?

We have continued to try to clear the brush down by the river, to ensure that there will be a river view from the hotel rooms once they are opened again next year.  The shot below gives some sense of the progress, but I will try to include a shot of the view from the house later in the week, which I hope will really show how much better the views will be.

The view from the road bridge showing we are making some progress!


You might have guessed from the photos that we appear to have moved, again, seamlessly from a promising spring, though to a mild, windy and showery summer, straight to a very wet and chilly beginning of autumn.  We have a weather warning for wind at present, and the rest of this week is forecast wet and blowy.  Shame, given that we have 4 further weeks with the scaffolding to paint the outside…!

So, not much news you may think… but those readers who know us may also wish to know that Tom (our eldest son) is recovering well in Thailand from his broken collarbone although bitterly regretting how this will limit the climbing he can do whilst over there, and Charley (our eldest daughter) is newly engaged to Damien.  It was the worst of times, it was the best of times, to horribly mash someone else’s famous phrase.


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