Partly laid

As you might have guessed, we were still painting at 8 o’clock last night, but this morning we had a relaxed start for the day.

Just to remind you where we were at…

Whilst the last of the stairs (see above) were still drying out from the last application of the fire resistant paint, Alex was clearing out the last of the tools and materials from the rooms…

…and the rooms were being emptied as the carpet van arrived.

…and then vaccuuming through…

We don’t see this very often – a space with nothing filling it

…finishing just in time for the carpet fitters to arrive and start moving their stuff into the building.

The carpet and underlay started arriving…

Whilst that was going on, our crack team of (male) furniture builders were working through a pile of bedside cabinets. Our crack (female) team have taken the extreme step of holidaying in Finland to avoid this task but we want to reassure everyone that both teams are equally valued… (Mike, do you think I have got away with that?!?)

…whilst Paul and Shaun put together the flat pack tables.

The carpet guys showed incredible application to task today, given how outragiously hot it has been, and when they left about 7pm they have carpeted down two floors, and two of the three rooms on floor 1.

The carpet starts to go down

The stairwell now looks like it should…

The staircase begins to look quite different, now its painted and carpeted

…and some of the rooms are looking lovely.

Just need a few sticks of furniture now

Our immediate plans now mean we need to get back to work on the corridor and box in the base of the stairs and, and, and – oh well, more of that next time. Just for today, I think we need to sit quietly.

2 thoughts on “Partly laid

  1. Hoorah and we’ll done, what an achievement. Maybe you need to escape to Finland with us. We are with you in spirit chaps with the flat pack. Save us some jobs for the Autumn.

    1. I cannot tell you how much we would love to join you in Finland – and escape all things Boris / Brexit – but sadly we still have a bit of work, plus the Eisteddfod just around the corner. Mike is heroically finishing, and I am heroically working the cafe – but we miss you guys! Shaun and Paul will be in tomorrow to make up the dressing tables (but, whisper it as I don’t want to offend – they don’t do it as well as you). Have a sip of a good drink for us, won’t you, and we look forward to eharing more of your adventures soon. Lots of love Carrie

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