Pausing for Easter

One of the few positives of the current situation is that Mike and I can take days off. Usually, since the cafe began its daily opening in September 2016, it hasn’t been possible to take real days off, as there was always the awareness we might be required in the cafe if things got busy. Currently, this is not a problem so we have enjoyed a few days off. To make Easter different this year, we elected to take a four day holiday – I know, just how self-indulgent are we?!?

So we have had lunch most days on the picnic tables, complete with the ever-hopeful Lola.

Some of our children very kindly bought me a modest wine glass for my birthday, so obviously I had to have a little tipple over lunch on the appropriate day.

We have been very surprised at how quiet it has been around here to date during the lockdown. On a beautiful, sunny, Easter Sunday morning we took Lola for a walk along the Lledr river behind Plas, and saw….nobody. Not a soul during our just under an hour outing.

You might be able to tell just how low the river is at present. We haven’t had rain for about 10 days and with the heat, it seems to be emptying at quite a lick.

Lola likes to play stick-collecting games as we walk and seemed inordinately proud of this particular stick.

Here is a quick snap of the river view near the gorge. It was extraordinary to see this in silence and stillness on such a lovely day. Philly tells us there were more people around in the afternoon, some even venturing a quick dip in the river, but unbelievably quiet for an Easter weekend. Well done to all of us from doing our part, whatever that part may be.

Anyhow, back to work tomorrow

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