Pearls are products of constant irritation

Oh my goodness,  we have had a good weekend!!

Since I last wrote, I have finished painting the multiple coats of fire-resistant paint onto the first two flights of stairs.  We have done little else on the refurbishment though, as Mike and I have been celebrating our 30th Wedding Anniversary.


Our Pearl anniversary as depicted on Shaun and Paul’s super gift

To celebrate, we invited family and friends to an evening of Lobscouse and music.  We are profoundly grateful to those who travelled long distances to get here, and then set out working hard to make the evening so enjoyable.  We opened our presents today, on our actual 30th anniversary, and were really touched by the generosity and thoughtfulness of all.  In addition, I enjoyed the vicar’s comment in church on Sunday morning, when he mentioned that pearls are products of constant irritation.  I’m not sure quite what he meant by that, as I am confident Mike doesn’t irritate me that much.  I was also puzzled by two cards we received about remembering that the key to a long and happy marriage is teamwork and compromise,  and then doing it her way which I am sure are meant to be humorous (you can tell from the cartoonish figures on the front) – but I’m not entirely sure I understand the reference…

For anyone wanting a real laugh, you could do worse than watching the ‘Monkey’ dance which spread from family to friends whilst we danced to the music of Jabberwocky.

Click on 00oct01 now…




Today being our actual anniversary, naturally we wanted to relax and do something different for the day.  In our case, this was to plant many of the plants we had been given in a new flower bed.  The day started just as beautifully sunny as our wedding day all those years ago, but whilst we had enjoyed a wonderfully sunny afternoon in 1987, you might notice that the clouds had other ideas today.

First we removed a couple of conifers from the hillside

9.30am start…
by about 11am

then we started laying the path edging from the left hand end, followed by planting up behind the edging

Getting on

By 3pm we could barely stand upright, having used the pick axe to shift quantities of rubble, and having had to move the path a couple of times when rocky outcrops unexpectedly appeared and caused us to change tack.  By 4pm it was time to pack up…

We must be maturing – we even left some things un-planted, to finish tomorrow, rather than powering through…

when Mike became surprisingly camera-shy.

No photos, please!


Just to you know, Mike has promised me that we will be making inroads into the whole stairs issue tomorrow, so I look forward to posting photos just as soon as I can.

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