Preparing for my examination…

As I sit here writing on this beautiful early evening, I have the warm sun on my back coming in through the turret window (!) and a fantastic view if I look out of the window.

Of course, I’m not doing that, as I have a blog post to write, and then one or two other things to do before the evening is out… but this refurbishment lark is still great fun.

Last week, Mike and I were insulating the end wall on floor 3 using the ‘dob and dab’ approach to gluing things in place.  You can see below pieces cut to size for the right hand end of the wall…

Insulation ready for installation

…which went according to plan.

Half of the wall now covered…

On the left hand side, we started well…

It’s just like a big jigsaw really

…and then got diverted when we needed to insulate and plasterboard the stud wall…

Now insulating the wall cavity

to the right of Mike as he is standing below.  We then had to remove the window board and insulate around the window to complete the end wall facing the river.

…just needs a bit of careful fitting around the window

We had a non-refurbishing weekend during which I was in Cowbridge with Charley and Damien, getting the last elements of my mother-of-the-bride outfit, whilst Mike held the fort in the cafe along with a couple of excellent helpers.  Yesterday and today, we returned to work with gusto.   Mike replaced the floor in the main bedroom on floor 3 (the green bit being the new bit)…

Fitting the new floorboards in the main bedroom

…and then built the short stud partition to take the door frame of the second bedroom…

New stud wall to take the door frame

…whilst I put the gloss top coat onto the cafe store window, the interior of the patio doors above, and the balcony rails.

Gloss paint finally on the balcony rails

Here’s hoping that these coats of paint actually stay attached to the woodwork over this coming winter, unlike last autumns coats!

Our next bulletin may be a little sketchy as I have my Welsh exam coming up this Thursday evening in Bangor (which my be ‘o Fangor’, or ‘Ym Mangor’ depending on the context in Welsh, in case you are interested).  I might need to do just a teensy bit of revision between now and then, especially as it is many, many moons since I last sat (or stood it, as they say in Wales) an exam !

2 thoughts on “Preparing for my examination…

  1. It looks like a completely different building inside to the one were saw in March. You must have been working very hard. Good luck with the exam. We will be sending a card for Charlie and Damien to you as we do not have there address.

  2. Hi Carrie,
    Hope the Examination went well for you. Seem’s like are getting on well with the renovations. We are in Betws now and glad to be away from the rat race for a while. We’ll beoming to see you during our stay here.


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