Prepping the roof- for Santa…

Last Sunday, Mike drove to Cambridge to collect Phil away from her studies and back for Christmas. On Monday, it was back to the building work – which obviously needs to start with some casual destruction. We are preparing to re-lay the roof over the long corridor, but we know lots of slates within it are broken. The roof you see below is scheduled for destruction next year (and leaks in any case), so we are pinching some slates from here to patch the corridor roof.

So…one more time…how are we going to do this?

But how, precisely, will we do it? It was surprisingly difficult to agree the approach but…

Yes, we really are going to do it this way!

…we got there in the end. We lifted the ridge tiles and then started recovering slates. The special gadget we bought to do this just kept breaking the slates, so we moved to Mike’s first instinct which was removing nails with pincers and then lifting the slates. Mike’s job was the nails (since my wrists aren’t up to the job) and I was passed the slates to store safely and take the photographs.

It’s ok – you can’t see the safety rope from here.

We lifted most of the tiles on Wednesday which was a bright, only slightly showery day, but we needed to get a sound cover over the roof since much windier weather is forecast soon. That meant we needed to work today, in an outside temperature including wind chill of -1 degrees, in showers of rain and hail…(have you got your violins out for us yet, to play that little sad song?)… but we managed to lift the final 40 slates and then baton down the butyl rubber cover which we hope will hold.

and yes, it really was that wet.

We have also been preparing the corridor space, ready to start work on Monday. I should let you know Mike is sitting very carefully tonight, with a hot water bottle easing a stiff muscle in his back. We think this arose because he was doing a twisting job in freezing conditions – but he is already much better than he was a couple of hours ago, so please don’t worry about him…yet. Tomorrow we are hosting an event, of which more next time…

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