Primed and ready to go

Success – the leak is mended!  With a willing helper, Mike managed to re-erect the scaffold tower; tweak the lead flashing; re-gunk with silicone sealer and voila – all is now watertight.  We know this since later on Thursday the heavens obligingly opened, seemingly just to test the systems for us.

Our other entertainment for the day was to clear the attic room of items that needed to go into the skip (number 6) which is now nearly full.  Since these included items such as old metal bedsteads and similar, we lashed them to a long rope and lowered them over the balcony to the front path, which was so much more fun than just walking them down through the house.  We unlocked some of the cupboards in the attic which had been screwed shut to find they were full of old clothing and soiled bedding that could probably have walked to the skip unaided, but we gave them a helping hand.


Front door as at present. New frame being installed about 18" into the space shown
Front door as at present. New frame being installed about 2′ into the space shown, just this side of the beam

We have now primed the exterior of the 20 windows, and scraped clean much of the driveway (since the weedy scrapings needed to be put into the skip).  Mike meanwhile has built a new frame for the front door which will enable us to re-position the door at a sensible angle to the house, opening outwards (so that the prevailing wind isn’t always trying to blow it open), leaving room for a lobby that will lead customers either into the restaurant or towards the accommodation and toilets.  Tomorrow we will measure the top and centre panels and have these re-glazed to let some light into the new lobby.

Yesterday we had our first Saturday off for a while to go to the Dolwyddelan carnival which was really good fun, and to meet Penny at the Pont y Pant railway station.  Penny is visiting to complete one of her ‘7 at 70’ challenges, being to have a go at the zip wire in the slate mines in Blaenau Ffestiniog.

Penny, all dressed up and ready to go
Penny, all dressed up and ready to go

Here she is before the ride, but the grin on her face as she returned probably told the important part of the story.

We have been rather weary this weekend, so suspect that the punishing schedule we have set, in order to open on 17th August, is beginning to highlight that we are not as young as we think we are.  However, as we are now committed to employing our cook from 15th August, needs must!  Only a few minor jobs still to go….


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