Progress is slow

This will be a very brief update, as this has been a strange few days for us.

Jane has the lurgy.  We know that the winter cold doing the rounds this year is very nasty, so are happy that Jane stays away so we don’t contribute to spreading it about and hope normal service can be resumed as soon as Jane is feeling better.

We have this winter’s cold on board…

We have therefore spent the last four days manning the kitchen, doing some spring cleaning when circumstances allow.  In addition, earlier today, we took some shots of the scones so that we can include this on the next edition of our menu.

Scone anyone?

Today, Mike declared that he really couldn’t leave it any longer and needed to do some veneer cutting.  As you can see, he sweated and strived all day – but as this end of the building is much colder than the cafe where I was working, I was happy to see he could still smile despite the lack of heating!

This veneering lark is a tough gig

Here’s hoping we will be able to return to construction work before next posting is due.

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