Progressing slowly

You may remember that we have been working on creating an accessible toilet. This week we added new copper pipe so that we could plumb in the sink…

…and when we got bored with that, we popped next door and levelled off the concrete floor in the ladies toilet-to-be.

Last week we put about a ton of concrete into a void left when we had dug out the loose crumb that used to be under the larder pamments. Once this was dry we found that that floor was marginally higher at the centre than the old floor which it abuts. We already knew that the old floor sloped front to back, and so remedial action was required.

Before I show you that work, let me show you that we have also added most of the grab handles in the accessible toilet – we would have finished them all, but we had to nip to Llandudno to have our new glasses refitted. Sadly, for both of us, being able to see pretty accurately seems to be quite important. The wooden blocks will be painted to blend in later…

… and for anyone interested, the wooden blocks are to spread the load as these handles have been attached to a stud wall.

To return to the dodgy floor, we spread three bags-worth of self-levelling floor compound over the floor and left it to almost dry – at which point we conversed and decided it hadn’t quite worked, so we spread a further two bags-worth and you see the wonderfully level surface it has achieved below.

We need to leave that to dry for a couple more days, so whilst we were in the big city today, we picked up some floor tiles which will go down just as soon as we have plastered the walls.

I am ending this blog by shamelessly including someone else’s photo. Tom’s cactus has clearly got a bit ahead of itself, but that bloom so lifted my spirits when he sent it to us, I thought you might like to see it.

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