Putting my foot in it…somewhat sideways

The last two weeks have been a tale in three parts. The first is the new carpet, which arrived somewhat unexpectedly one day last week. Mike and I had about an hour to clear the area and lift the old carpet as we had mislaid the note telling us when the carpet was due to arrive!

The carpet fitters installed the underlay whilst Mike did some last minute repairs to the floor (as I was out at a meeting), and Lola kept a (somewhat reluctant) eye on proceedings.

The hall carpet now matches that on the stairs…

…and the downstairs ‘old’ hall is finally all in one livery.

The second story is that our wonderful children and partners all popped over for the weekend so we could spend a little time together. Tom and Kate were the first to arrive so we three decided to have a quick walk up Moel Siabod before the weather deteriorated.

As you can see, it was rainy / misty for much of the way, so we decided to turn around a few hundred yards short of the summit as the conditions were poor and worsening. Sadly, I still managed to misjudge a step; my foot slid on a wet piece of rock and by the time I had stopped moving, one leg was folded hard back at the knee and I had landed with that leg at a strange angle to the other leg. At this point, I was shown what amazingly sensible and able folk Tom and Kate are: they totally took charge and fully supported me as I hobbled back down the hill.

Tom finished the walk with me, after we packed Kate off to run and get the car. It was such a relief to sit down, and even more of a relief to take off my shoes when we got back to Plas. Below you can see how discoloured the ankle was, but the pictures don’t really do justice to the extent of the swelling.

Nonetheless, we had a lovely couple of days with the younger generation (and brother Mike, who took this pic).

Fortunately (if I can really call it that), it is half term this week, so we are not on building duties. Now, several days later, I can hop up and down stairs safely but slowly. Serving breakfasts is no problem as we are on the level, but when it comes to room changes, I can change the beds providing Mike brings me the towels and sheets which keeps my stair traffic to a minimum. Five days later, we are looking like this:

It is bruising, not dirt…honestly!

I still can’t get my shoes on so am in crocs, but hope to be moving on any day now.

To end on a lighter note, please see below a beautifu sunset from last week, captured for posterity by our neighbour, Wendy.

This north Wales lark isn’t too bad, you know. More on building works next week, I hope.

2 thoughts on “Putting my foot in it…somewhat sideways

  1. Ouch but luckily no break, take care to not over work the ankle too soon. Good that you had lots of visitors arriving and all will to help out. Must feel great to have carpet down. Hope the weather will be kind to you…

    1. Its getting better slowly. Funnily enough my knee has been terrible today (as I think I am walking awkwardly to protect my ankle) but hope to be back to full strength soon. Hope all is well with you.

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