Removing our slippery slope…

We continue to work in the cafe most days – or, more specifically, I work in the cafe and Mike drifts around with various tools in hand, trying to convince me that they were worth purchasing.  To be fair, I think I have drawn the longer straw since I get to chat with some lovely people, like the couple from France who had a quick tour of the building.  Mike and his shorter straw have been lagging the new water pipes that he has just finished installing.  He did very bravely turn all the water on after making the final connection and checked all the joints he had been angsting about – and yes, they were all actually watertight and, to everyone’s surprise, no drips!  So he will now move on to replacing the floorboards after completing the lagging…


The new pipes have been lagged


as have these.

…which should mean guests have hot water delivered to their hot taps, and cold to the cold.  One would perhaps expect this anyway, but in our bathroom we currently get lukewarm water from our cold tap which we assume results from un-lagged hot pipes lying too close to the cold pipes.  Not a biggie, I know, but we are trying to avoid some of these minor niggles in the new build.

Speaking of which, you may recall the building used to have an external fire escape, part of which can be seen below.  Because we have installed a new fire-rated staircase, we no longer need the external escape, so have been slowly dismantling it.  I had hoped to remove the slope months ago but, when the scaffolding was installed, we noticed they used the slope during the construction, so we left it in place for use during the dismantling.  Today I gave Mike the go-ahead to nip out with the chainsaw and take this away.

The fire escape slope is going…

The lower level was pretty rotten, but the wood removed from the higher sections will be appearing in our wood burner over the next winter.


It is frustrating to have found, given how flakey some of the modern work is around Plas, that the brick pillar supporting this slope appears to be extremely robust.  Mike has had a go at it with hand tools, but will have to go back with a bit more momentum behind his blows next time.


You can just about see the pillar hiding behind a shrub in the centre of this shot – but I promise to take more photos when it starts succumbing to gravity tomorrow.


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