Roofing, despite storm Dennis

Following our return from Thailand, we have had to wait until the forecast showed a couple of days sufficiently still and dry that we could finish the last section of roof. What with Storm Ciara and then Dennis passing through, this has been a longer wait than we would have wished.

Meanwhile, we worked on inside the building.

The ceiling, before I was unleashed on it

The ceiling on the long corridor was in a bit of a state.

A close up, to show what we were facing

It had clearly leaked, in various places at various times, so there were many pits and cracks in the finish which was far from level, so we decided it all had to come down.

Ceiling part removed…

So I wielded my faithful wrecking bar and, over three evenings, managed to pull it down – along with a surprising volume of rubble, very damp insulating mat and bits of broken Christmas decorations which had obviously been housed in this roof space at some point.

…and now totally removed.

I’m not going to admit in public to some of the materials that descended on my head as I finished this task, but suffice to say I made sure I had a hot, deep bath each night.

We are also clearing the plasterboard from the internal ‘external’ wall

We have also continued to clear the plasterboard and battening from what was the back wall of the old manor, ready for this to become a feature in this long corridor in future.

The last section of the roof needed completing

Last Tuesday, we finally had a forecast for a day with only a few isolated showers, so the building team turned its attention outside. Tuesday saw us strip the slates from the roof (above), and the battens, and then replace the waterproof fabric and re-batten.

On Wednesday, the forecast was (accurately) for only one hail shower, so were able to reslate the roof – I will provide photographic evidence next week. To show off this roof, I need to walk over the rock behind the building to take a proper photo, and as we now have Storm Jorge whistling around us, and the rain lashing down, I will wait until the weather improves. I would love to picture you holding your breath until then, but I strongly suggest it won’t be that exciting! except of course that the next item on the list is to put a new lintel into the old exterior wall – now, do you think they show how to do that on Youtube?

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