Room for improvement

Confession time: not much building work this week, but lots of hospitality work. Since pictures of us cleaning rooms, or doing the laundry, or ironing sheets is unlikely to hold your attention, we instead feature this week the work of our daughter currently in residence, Pips. She has a friend coming to stay in a couple of weeks and whilst duly grateful that we can find space for her friend in August, she seemed to think the state of the room was less than acceptable.

This shows the lobby of what we are all calling the maid’s room, as it is located at the back of the house, just at the top of the back stairs. This has been used for storage since we arrived because, although this room is water-tight, the next door room has two separate sections of ceiling that have long since given up the ghost, and which houses our Heath-Robinson water diversion system featured a month or so ago.

As you can see, the colour scheme was less than complete, and some of the furniture not the most comfortable available…

…so Pips set to with roller and paint, using the scaffolding tower to enable her to reach the ceiling. The ceiling rose is plaster, so we asked her to treat it with due respect as she repainted it. Having completed the paintwork, we turned our attention to the carpet which Pips judged to be, using her technical term, ‘minging’.

We ripped up the old carpet (or do I just mean we swept the remaining threads into a dustpan?) and then carefully re-purposed the carpet from the long corridor. This carpet has seen at least forty years service but was largely still intact, and also in a space soon to have new floor covering, so it was fair game for a temporary refit. (I should explain these two rooms are due a major refurb, involving moving walls in a few years time, so a new carpet was bang out of order, as it were.)

All we need to do now is a quick vacuum, a new bed, some bedside cabinets, perhaps a wardrobe or two, and we should be ready just in time for Pip’s guest. The only problem now is that it makes our bedroom look positively shabby! Perhaps if I hint hard enough…

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