Same old…but nearing the end in this area

We have spent two days this week on Rhodo bashing since the weather has been relatively fine, for January.  Yvonne and Julie, friends from Norfolk, are here and very kindly giving us a hand, and the four of us have been able to make quite a dent in the Rhododendron infestation.

See how dense the garden grows

This time we have been working at the far end of the problem where we suspected there was an area that we might be able to make into a pond, or at least a bog garden.  But first, we needed to clear a way to the pond…

Can you see the pond yet?

We did find a pair of trees with a cargo net between them, but looking at the state of the cargo net think this might have been here for a good few years since it was last used.

Still working a way through

But here it is – and with most of the problem greenery cleared away.

At last, a pond…

We also found this little area that looks remarkably like a little hideaway

…and a little cave?

We made a lot of use of the loppers, and when things got too tough, Mike had a go with the chainsaw.

Just a little work with the loppers


Beginning to see the light

We declared a pause after two days, as I think we all needed a change in task.  We will go back to stem inject the roots in a day or two, and need to keep a very careful eye on the area for the next few years to root out any seedlings or layerings that appear, but otherwise we are pleased with the progress to date.

with just a hint of bonfire smoke

It looks like the weather is turning today, so tomorrow will see us making a start on this year’s supply of Seville orange marmalade, since it will be our day in the cafe.

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