Screwdriver anyone?

How I wish I was alluding to something alcoholic! This week, we have started putting together huge quantities of furniture, ready for the rooms.

Charley and Morgan finishing the woodwork

…and Will sporting the ‘I have been emulsion-ing’ hairstyle.

As I mentioned last time, we brutally involved our children, home for Mother’s Day last Sunday, to give a hand.

What a view!

We had a couple of very cold days, including one with enough snow that as I drove to Porthmadog for shopping, I was not 100% sure I would be able to drive back over the Crimea pass, which is frequently closed if we have poor weather.

Floor 3 lounge

So by Wednesday, we had two floors of rooms looking a bit like this…

Floor 2 hallway

…or this. Floor 2 was fully painted except for the doors which I need to gloss over the weekend.

Yesterday the carpet fitter arrived and now we have…

Floor 3 lounge

Looking into hallway of floor 3.

Floor 2 main bedroom

We now have carpets in most rooms on floors 2 and 3, and the carpet fitter still awaits some carpet from his supplier. Friends Yvonne and Julie have fitted most of the wall lights and I am still painting – but now in the stairwell, well out of the way of the carpets!

Sorry, can you tell me again how I put flange f into slot d?

Yesterday, whilst the carpet was being fitted, Mike, Julie and Yvonne began making up the furniture. After a lot of thought, we have chosen to buy the majority of the furniture for the suites from a local charity that offers professional support for adults with learning difficulties. Here’s hoping we have put sufficient pieces together by the next time I blog so that you can see the finished rooms.

If the general finishing work hadn’t been bad enough, constructing the furniture has required the use of many and varied screwdrivers so we might need to find something different to do tomorrow, to give people’s hands a chance to recover!

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