Securing floor 3

Our refurbishment continues apace.

On Friday, we finished painting the window surrounds on the front face of the four storey building.  Sadly, we have not remembered to take a photo, so that will have to follow in my next post.

We have managed less refurbishment than usual this weekend because Jane has enjoyed a long weekend away, leaving Mike and I to run the cafe – and a busy weekend it was too  On Saturday, we were so busy that neither of us managed to have any lunch, which was wonderful!  It helped renew our faith that the crazy idea we had had to create a cafe in the middle of nowhere might actually not be so crazy.  On Sunday, to ensure this couldn’t happen again, we sat down for lunch at 11.30.  A couple of customers arrived…then another two…then more, so I left Mike to finish his lunch whilst I served the customers, and finished my lunch around 3.30pm.  We are both feeling very buoyed by this increased footfall!

Mike left me running the- rather quieter- cafe today, whilst he and Alex started fitting the additional newel posts delivered last week to the staircase.  We need some extra newel posts as the staircase was originally designed to run to four floors, but about a year ago we decided against completing the fourth floor.  This has changed the stairwell design somewhat, leaving a small walkway that will enable us to add some storage on floor 3 as well as an access route back into the manor from the stairwell.

The third floor ‘platform’

This leaves a platform of floor which we had stiffened, but as we add the newel posts, we have bolted the tall one directly to a purlin (one of the main roof timbers) and now there is no wobble at all in this small piece of floor!

Most of the newel posts now in place

Here you can just about see how a passage is retained to get back into the manor.  There will be a fire door (to ensure the stairwell is fire rated) but the access will make servicing the rooms much easier in future.

And again from a different angle

Here you can see that all five additional newel posts are in place.  Tomorrow we can start to fit the spindles and banisters which will be a great relief as the area will then be properly secure for us to walk around.  Once it is secure, it will be easier to finish the insulation and plaster boarding on the corner you can see above.

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