Sloping off and skimming on

After spending Monday in the cafe, we had a very exciting day on Tuesday when 19 people arrived for breakfast, all at the same time!  On the same morning, we had booked a visit from our architectural designer to firm up the details for the plans we need to send for approval before we begin the next phase early next year, we hope.  All in all, quite a busy morning yesterday.  In the afternoon, we finally found time to ice the wedding cake we are making for our daughter’s wedding this weekend, so no pressure there then…

Today I finally started on a job I have been looking forward to for some months now.  Those who have visited the cafe will know that the slope shown below cuts across a view of the rock side from within the cafe, visually cutting the landscape in half and hiding much of the garden.  I am keen to remove the slope to improve this view, but we had to wait until we no longer needed it as the fire exit from the rooms above the cafe.

Removing the artificial grass from the slope

After Building Control visited last week, we now know that the staircase will meet approval once finished, so I expect to be removing the slope pretty soon.  I started by removing the layer of artificial grass on the slope, which we assume was an anti-slip device.  I cut the ‘grass’ into slices and have removed it, to allow the timber below to dry out, so Mike can chainsaw this into fire-sized pieces before next winter.

A bare slope, ready for demolition

Mike meanwhile continued bravely with his plastering.  You might have thought he would have had enough of this by now, especially after icing the wedding cake, but no – he continues to enjoy this task (which is lucky, really, as there are plenty more walls to plaster here).  Below you can see one wall of the sitting room on floor 3…

More photographs of plastered walls

… and below is the facing wall, also plastered.  In this lounge, only the sloping wall you see on the right hand of the photo remains to be plastered, so it shouldn’t be long before we are working on the final bedroom on this floor.  Oh, be still my beating heart!

…and even more photographs of plastered walls.

If this seems like thin pickings, please may I remind you that it is 26 degrees here at the moment.  Twenty six degrees!  Trying to work in the garden is tricky as the sun is just so hot and airless.  Trying to work on the third floor is difficult as it is so hot and stuffy.  Don’t get me wrong – it is lovely to have hot, dry weather, but 26 degrees!!  I mean, does our planet have no sense of what is reasonable?  Answers on the back of a post card please to….



3 thoughts on “Sloping off and skimming on

  1. Hi Carrie,
    Hope the wedding went well? I hope Mike didn’t use his best plastering smoother to ice the wedding cake.
    Lola looks lovely. Is she settling in ok? I bet she will become a very profficent sausage snaffler very soon.
    When the Fire escape chute has gone, do you think it will let a wee bit more light into the cafe?
    Lovely weather here, but would love some rain. My arms are stretching lugging 20 odd watering cans of water twice a day. I’ll soon be able to touch my toes without bending over.
    Take care

    1. Hi Kim, Wedding was absolutely fabulous, thanks. Looking forward to seeing some of the photos. Mike didn’t use any plastering tools, but did borrow a few techniques, I suspect! Between you and me, Lola is a bit of a pain at the moment in the potty department – she seems only to feel safe going in the house – but we hope to crack this soon. we hope there will be more light in the cafe when the chute goes, but we now have to leave it in place so the scaffolders can use it when dismantling the array. Oh well, not much longer. The rain has kicked in here, but we have lost a lot of plants this summer as it was not practicable for me to try to water things in many cases a long way from the building. Here’s hoping it recovers a bit before your next visit!
      All the best

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