Small steps to further progress…

Before I move on, I need to share the photo below taken at Barry Island. We had enjoyed fish and chips on the beach, being relatively untroubled by the seagulls. Mike then took a bite out of a doughnut and was immediately dive-bombed on the back of his head, after which he exclaimed loudly and shooed the bird away. You can see how effective that was below! People further up the beach were laughing and pointing for quite a while afterwards.

Back in Plas we are now fully occupied being hoteliers. Our tiny progressions with the building work include…arranging for someone else to collect a pair of settles (one showing below) and reuse them…

…and slightly less successfully, the hinges on one of the shower screens in a suite has failed, so Mike is on the job to repair them.

The big news however, is that we have received the detailed plans for the barn which will be a secure store for our guests bikes and other items. We also had a visit from the electrician who signs off Mike’s work, and as a result we all spent some time staring at the pole below earlier this week…

…trying to work out whether this supply pole is carrying 3-phase, or just the 2-phase which we know we are using within the building. This becomes critical as we discuss the number of car charge points we can put in in future.

The final progress is that our friend Gill is visiting, and we have found her a thrilling job. When we repainted the extension a couple of years ago, we pressure washed all the old paint off so that the new paint would not late flake away…except for the area around the window (shown below) which we thought was all stable and well adhered. As you can see, this was not the case, and various blisters have appeared over the years. Earlier today, we set Gill to work with the pressure washer, and will let you see the progress next time.

As I read this I wonder that we have done so little building work over the last two weeks, but then I remember just how blisteringly hot it has been, and realise that it is amazing we have managed to do as much as we have!

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