So close now…

…we can nearly taste it! We will struggle to be ready for the carpet, which arrives on 22nd December, but we will give it our best shot!

Speaking of which, Mike took the shot below last Friday of Moel Siabod wearing its first snowy coat since last winter.

This week we have made great progress. Mike has now plumbed in all five radiators, and completed installing the new electrical cables. I continued to clear the corridor by moving lots of our tools and consumables into a new area, and also cut lots of architrave and skirting board, ready to fix it in place when Mike can give me a hand.

Today, with the electrical cables in place, we were able to put insulation between the joists and then screw the remaining plasterboard in place.

At one end of the corridor, the roof space continues into part of the building which will be completed in the next phase. To prevent any drafts until that roof is updated, we have carefully insulated as far as we can and then used squirty foam to fill any gaps too small for insulation board.

.When that was finished, we screwed in the last of the ceiling plaster boards. Tomorrow, whilst I am on Zoom with my Welsh class, Mike will be plastering the ceiling. That should then be dry enough on Sunday to allow me to restart the painting, of which more in my next blog post.

And just in case anyone is worried it is all work here, here’s a picture of Boyd and Lola so that you can see they are finally beginning to enjoy each other’s company!

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