So near, and yet so far

A brief reminder of where we are:

four years ago we bought a semi-derelict hotel. Three years ago we opened a lovely new cafe. Five months ago we finished three suites of completely rebuilt of rooms. This week we are working to finish re-roofing a corridor connecting the cafe to the toilets.

Here’s where we started this week…

We only have this little piece left on the main roof to complete but, as you can see below, the weather hasn’t been on our side this week.

It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven

But other things have. I had a meeting with a chap from the Wales grading people who tells us (if we decide to go for grading) we would be 4* guest accommodation, which is good to know.

In between downpours we have been working on the roof. Here you can see Mike has almost boxed himself in to the last corner. If he looks a bit wooden, I can assure you it was cold up there.

Yes, that is a pile of hail you can see

Mike was balancing on his tippy toes to install a piece of downpipe to complete the guttering around two rooms in the old house, before I passed things up to him so he could complete the slates and finish the apron flashing.

Nearly there!

And then today we have a totally 21st Century problem – we have finished the flashing, but I took the photo on my phone, not Mike’s, and mine is not yet set up to send emails. So I hope you will take my word for it that this bit of roof is now watertight in a way it hasn’t been for many a long year, and all we have to do now to complete is the fiddly bit to the right hand side. More of this next time I write, which might be later than usual, she says gnomically…

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