So near, yet so far…

This week has been fun, but completely not photogenic.

We have taken delivery of our last big order for bed linen, so I have been washing and ironing everything, ready for when we open. But even I recognise that a photo of someone ironing sheets is not what most of us are hoping to come across.

Mike has been tweeking fire doors to make sure they fit precisely as they should, whilst I have been fitting the last of the intumescent strip to ensure a smoke-tight seal. We have been fitting skirting board and wooden beading to the last bits and bobs. Mike has connected the exterior lights for the floor 1 and 2 balconies to the electrical circuits and, in quite a change from the norm, invited Stuart (a rash volunteer) to help him fit two of the shower enclosures.

Nearly good friends

When he tried to relax one evening, he needed to speak a little firmly with Lola who was trying to tell the cat a thing or two. As you can see, his influence with animals worked well as both are contentedly lying by his side, but I think he might need to talk a little more firmly with his face before he takes the next selfie…

Welcome to the Eisteddfod

Having worked on lots of bits and bobs all week, we granted ourselves Friday evening off to visit the Eisteddfod. We can now see why the cafe was quiet last week: the Eisteddfod ground has everything you need to get through the day, so there was no need to leave the site to find stuff – there was even a phone recharging place!

Mike tucking into his Welsh specialty dish of chips and mushy peas

As it happens, our visit was late in the day and also coincided with some pretty heavy rainfall, which may be why things look a little murky, but we were surprised how busy it was, and what a lovely atmosphere there was.

So now back to the future, as it were. The fire alarm installation team were here on Friday, so the alarm points are all now installed and ready to work. Mike and I will be in the cafe for the next fortnight, covering for people on summer holidays, except for tomorrow when Mike will be furiously trying to do all the little things we ideally still wish to complete before Building Control arrive to inspect on Tuesday.

I will try to blog on Tuesday, just to let you all know whether we will receive permission to open then.

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