So now we are open – but what then?

So, true to our word, we opened on Friday last, having taken action based on some of the very useful feedback on Thursday.  Now three days into the new regime, we can report that business is slow but steady.  We have been thrilled at how many locals have taken the time and trouble to drop in and wish us well with the new venture.

Our first paying customers:

What lovely people we can see!
What lovely people we are having the pleasure of serving!


For the next week, we will be focusing on sorting out the advertising for this new venture, as well as doing some of the essential domestic chores that we have shirked recently.  Mike and I are both going to have a whole day off – each – I know!  How radical is that!  And then, by mid week, we plan to have a Board meeting (or perhaps a quick coffee break, maybe with one or two of Jane’s cakes) to decide in what order to approach the next steps.  Will we start by tackling the major roof leak over the old kitchen?  Or by repairing and repainting the external walls near the entrance along with the front door?  Or to insulate the new hot water tank?  Or start the refurbishment of the toilets?  Oh, decisions, decisions….