Some shocks, and my first forge-ery

The last thing we needed to check, before finishing our demolition, was the depth of foundations in one area of the building. Mike and Niall cleared around the walls concerned and began investigation…only to find that the front of ‘John’s bit’ of the building had been built directly on top of the asphalt carpark. No joking. Shockingly and scarily, the white wall above had no foundations at all and was sitting directly n the asphalt car park.

Just to double check their findings, they had a bit of a dig around but sadly found nothing to suggest that there wall could stay.

We thought it would be wise to mechanise the job so out came the trusty mini-digger and down came the wall.

The observant among us might notice that the wall being pushed over wasn’t tied at all to the adjacent wall sitting at right angles to it. I know I’m no expert when it comes to building theory, but…

Anyway, at least it made it easier to flatten everything! The right hand end of the front wall is now rubble, and next week we will remove the left hand end of the same wall (where we suspect the foundations are just as non-existant) and can then start working on digging proper foundations (after sorting out the drains, natch).

This week we are experieincing showery weather, so have turned our attention (during the wet spells) to preparing parts of the building for our Ukranian guests, but this end of the reception room still contains our sheet materials store, so might take a little while!

We are pleased with the new concrete beading on the turret which seems to be blocking the water ingress. I was even more pleased with my mothers’ day present this year from our wonderful children. It was an experience voucher for a day at a blacksmiths’ forge and…

…here’s the dragonfly I made earlier this week! You probably need to zoom in to see the detail, but this will be proudly planted in the Penaeldroch gardens just as soon as we have given it a coat of waterproof lacquer.

In the meantime, the building engineer and architectural designer have provided revised drawings made necessary by the foundations (lack of) issue, so now its back to Plas and onwards with the building work.

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