Starting as we mean to continue…

Happy New Year, everyone. Here’s hoping Christmas was kind to you and that you have plenty of good things to which you can look forward.

Looking backwards for a moment, here are the metal rods and loops (alongside Bodhi and Lola) that will be used to construct our ground beam…

…and here is the part we prepared last year.

This year saw us select a really rather cold and breezy day to continue the ground beam, but you know what they say about those with least resources and making choices (beggars can’t be choosers)…so here I was, freezing and trying to put this fiddly mesh together.

When it was going well it was quite satisfying, but when the sleet started blowing in and freezing my barnacles, my coordination deteriorated somewhat.

A couple of days later, when the worst of the wet weather had passed us by, we had another go. You may be able to tell from my Michelin-man profile that there were a serious number of jumpers beneath my overalls, and it was still remarkably cold! All this spoil needed moving because the concrete lorry will be calling by soon, so I filled the wheelbarrows with spoil, which Mike then took away for storage elsewhere.

Nearly lunch time and just over half way through, and I note the photo doesn’t remotely give the picture of just how ferocious the wind and rain were…

…but then I swanned off to church after lunch, leaving Mike to finish the task.

Great news – we had a phone call this afternoon to tell us the remaining metal rods have arrived, so we hope to be able to complete the construction of this beam early next week. Once that is done, we can call in Building Control to inspect and, if they approve, order the concrete to fill this up! Baby steps, I know, but not bad progress for a few days work.

2 thoughts on “Starting as we mean to continue…

  1. Happy New Year to you all, great to see and read of your progress, may 2023 bring you only good outcomes, Julie

    1. and to you (if a little late). Hopefully the news I am about to put on the blog will show we are hoping this year will be a big year of building! Lots of love Carrie

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