Stop press . . .feeling the heat in Wales

We woke to a rather wet Saturday morning, so had to alter our plans.  We were delighted to find that we could not see any water beneath the roof so it appears to be doing its job.  On top of the flat roof / balcony, there was some pooling of the water but some of this may correct as we complete the area.

Given the weather we resolved to fit the metal uprights to the edge of the roof, and then the railings to complete the safety barrier on the balcony edge.  It surprised us both how complex the mathematical discussions became when we tried to calculate exactly where each of the uprights should go, how far apart the rails should sit, and the angle at which the rails should be cut as the front railing bends to become the side railing.

Roof/balcony, now complete with railings -just a few finishing touches needed now
Roof/balcony, now complete with railings -just a few finishing touches needed

We also enjoyed the sight and sound of a local farmer working his two collie dogs as they darted like lightening around the landscape encouraging a flock of sheep to move from one field to another.

Towards the end of the afternoon, as the weather cleared, I sloped off for a little light gardening.  We think the particular area concerned is made up from building rubble and sand which have been dumped over rock to a depth of up to 25cm.  After our work here on Friday, and having reflected on what we found, I tweaked the precise position of some of the herb pots behind the bar and then added some azaleas and rhododendrons in a nearby zone.  Throughout the time I was pulling the rubble/sand mix so that it forms a pleasing gradient rather than a random chaotic series of level changes down to the back of the building.

This morning, following some very heavy rain last night, we were gratified to find that the plants and most of the soil had stayed where we put them, as I had been worried we would find a sad muddy heap at the base of the slope.  As a consequence of the fun I had yesterday, I decided to continue to exercise my green fingers today and planted up several troughs ready for them to be placed on the balcony (between the metal uprights) in a couple of months to form a blaze of colour which we hope will be visible from the road and make the house look more cared for when the restaurant opens.

Meanwhile Mike, as is his wont (which may have been long and felt), constructed the first of his two ‘economy bee hives’, working at one of the new A frame tables, in the glorious spring weather.  It made us very grateful we were having a quiet day and not, like our eldest daughter Charley, running the Leeds half marathon in blazing sunshine!

Charley, hot and bothered finishes Leeds half marathon in 20+ degrees
Charley, hot and bothered, finishes Leeds half marathon in 20+ degrees

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