Stripping And Making Beds

I do love a decent dig – energising to take on, and very satisfying when you eventually see what your efforts have achieved.

Today I finished clearly the old bonfire site and then, with a friend, we cleared a patch of mostly couch grass to make way for what is likely to be a heather bed to give year round interest. We plan to visit Bodnant Gardens later this week to get some inspiration (and plants, naturally) so we are just letting the soil rest before returning for round two in the bed building battle.

Meanwhile Mike has been stripping the old slates from the roof over the entrance porch. On careful examination it appears that this roof had previously been modified and extended to include additional areas which may partly explain why it leaks at the back and both sides and the guttering on the front was rather wobbly. The downpipe has been fed through the roof into a drain within the entrance porch which – almost inevitably – is blocked, so water puddles on the inside of the entrance, adding to the rustic charm of the building.

Roof above the soon-to-be-cafe stripped back
Stripped and ready for action!

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